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We offer many ways of support to our customers. Next to our video tutorials (upcoming) and FAQs, you can contact us anytime so we can find the best way to answer your request or find the best solution.

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What types of machines can be monitored?

Currently, all quantity-based production machines are supported. Processing plants for gases and fluids are an important part of the LEANFOCUS roadmap.

Which requirements must be fulfilled by the customer?

The only requirement on client side is WIFI based Internet access for the machine sensors.

What exactly does `service-based` mean?

Offering LEANFOCUS as a service-based product means that the client pays for the machine performance tracking without having to deal with anything else. No additional expenses for hardware, installation or consultancy costs.

Do you offer a cloud solution or an on-premise product?

LEANFOCUS is dsigned as a cloud-based product in order to eliminate  maintenance and configuration efforts for the client.

If you are still interested in an on-premise solution, please contact us.

Which user devices are supported?

LEANFOCUS is optimized to be used on desktop as well as mobile devices. All views consisting of Management View, Production View, Terminal View and Andon View can be accessed on the device of choice.

The LEANFOCUS mobile app offering push notifications is available on Android and iOS.

How long does the installation take?

Compared to the competition, integrating LEANFOCUS into your production is not a matter of months. After receiving and attaching our sensors to your machines, all that has to be done is register them. They will immediately be mapped to the proper machines and you can start tracking your machine performance.

What are the costs?

The pricing model is monthly/annual and it is directly related to the number of machines connected – with staggered rebate offered. Compared to the competition, there are no additional project, installation or consultancy fees. 

Are adjustments possible?

Additional to the extensive configuration features, LEANFOCUS provides customization features including design (CI), calculations as well as individual state types, waste types and thresholds.

What types of interfaces are provided?

LEANFOCUS provides interfaces to various ERP systems and an API that can be used for data exchange with your enterprise applications.

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