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With the digital transformation being one of the most discussed topics in the business world lately, many organizations find themselves struggling with great paradigm shifts covered by buzzwords like Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory. It is inevitable to understand that the digital transformation is not going to stop and companies will find themselves on an everlasting journey with the need to adapt, rethink and reshape their production.

With all the new opportunities it brings, ignoring the latest technologies might put organizations at risk of falling behind the competition. However, carefully evaluating and selecting purposeful technologies – aligned to the production structure and strategy – is the key to success here. Technologies appear, change and also vanish so rapidly in the digital age, that backing the right horse is crucial for a sustainable technological foundation. With LEANFOCUS we offer a service solution that combines innovation with simplicity so that you can keep your focus on the production without worrying about technologies or machine integration matters.


Do not accept inaccurate and unreliable production data. With real-time tracking of KPIs like OEE (availability, performance, quality), wastes and downtime reasons LEANFOCUS provides the revealing insight into your production, whenever you need it, wherever you want it.


We transform data into knowledge to help you understand your production better and lay the foundation to use its capacities to the full. In order to reduce downtimes and waste, you first have to know the underlying reasons.


By providing the software for your whole ecosystem including management dashboards on computers and mobile devices or production interfaces for machine terminals or Andon boards, your employees are enabled to keep on track and aligned with the production goals. Motivate your employees by letting them see how valuable their contribution is – in visualized numbers.


With LEANFOCUS we want to empower you to outperform by continuously improving your OEE without losing track of your core competence: producing. By integrating our system seamlessly into your structures and processes we make sure that it is not yet another obstacle to overcome but a springboard towards a lean and smart production.


With a diverse team of industry, science and software experts, we fully understand the challenges of creating cost-effective production performance solutions. Our experience and agility position us to take full advantage of new software and hardware solutions. We are constantly learning, adapting and improving LEANFOCUS to best serve our clients. Both LEANFOCUS and our clients need to be on the cutting edge of technology to compete in the global market.


By listening to our clients and always seeking the most intuitive design, we make sure that LEANFOCUS is simple and easy to use while providing the details and insight that you need. We follow the same approach on the hardware side: get the sensor hardware, plug it in, and it works. No matter the age of your machines.


We have a clear and transparent cost structure on a per-machine basis without hidden fees and consulting costs. We provide the software and sensor hardware as part of our service. We strive for a customer relationship based on trust instead of locking in a customer with high initial costs and hardware dependencies.


LEANFOCUS is ready to use. Attaching our sensors to your machines is all it takes to start measuring and improving your production performance. Due to its highly scalable software architecture, the number of machines or types is not restricted in any way.


LEANFOCUS is a service based solution that includes software and sensor hardware provision as well as support services. The devices you want to use for production performance management and machine operation are up to you. We support all web-enabled devices and provide apps for iOS and Android covering management dashboards, terminal interfaces and Andon boards. An on-premise solution can be offered upon request.


We are a learning organization, always seeking the latest solutions originating from our industry, universities of applied sciences, and most of all feedback from our clients. We take our client’s feedback very seriously, continuously improving LEANFOCUS and incorporating those improvements in regular updates for our clients.

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