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LEANFOCUS is a product developed by KMPC Innovations based in Stuttgart Germany. It all began as an advisory project for Berger Global, the world leading clamping ring manufacturer with plants all over the world. The project’s goal was to improve manufacturing processes by identifying and installing the best fitting data collection system. Engineers at KMPC Innovations realized that, instead of using existing solutions, they could develop better technology using a leaner and more cost effective approach. The idea behind LEANFOCUS is to engage employees, change the way people work with state-of-the-art technologies, and, with intuitive simple design, provide better insight about production processes backed by reliable data. Our solution is developed in-house driven by a team of top engineers and software developers involving our key customers.

Everyone is talking about the Digital Transformation, Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 trends. We demystify these topics by transforming them into something practical and useful to each person in the production process.


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